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Our vision and mission

     The College of Archaeology and Heritage at University of Kufa has ambition to be one of the pioneer colleges in archaeology, and to promote the benefit of that science, and use it for future outlook.
To prepare professional staff members to improve archeology and heritage science to the level of advanced sciences to match with International Quality Standards.
1.      To prepare qualified graduate competent theoretically and practically, in order to study archaeology and Heritage by latest academic and methodological ways to work for scientific institutions as well as local and international academies that link with Archaeology and Heritage.
2.      To graduate distinguished students to continue for post graduate studies or to do scientific research in the field of Archaeology and Heritage.
3.      To contribute for maintenance, preservation and rehabilitation of the heritage through practical work, workshops and courses.
4.      To contribute the community service through provision technical advices, organizing seminars and scientific conferences for governmental institutions that vinery by Archaeology and Heritage.
5.      Working to improve the scientific research to achieve quantum leap in the field of Archaeology and Heritage.
6.       To consider the ethnic diversity and peaceful coexistence of the Iraqi people during ancient time as a symbol for national unity among them.