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The College has four specialized Labs
Lab computers: 
The laboratory contains 18 table computers (DELL) dedicated to students’ practical training in computer science.


Lab Web : 
The laboratory contains 18 advanced table- computers type (hp) designed for browsing purposes and free internet services for students and teachers



Lab Space and Engineering drawing : 
The laboratory contains an advanced set of space devices including leveling devices, theudolite, the station, the compasses, the different measuring tapes, the personalization and all the accessories for the area. A laboratory hall has been allocated, including 18 engineering drawings. The lab aims to train students in the field of surveying and geometric drawing and their applications to archaeological surveys and documenting archaeological sites on maps.
Lab  Remote sensing  RS 
The laboratory contains 25 laptop computers according to the latest model. It also includes two scalar and a0 size printers, as well as an interactive blackboard, a plasma display and other devices. For the purpose of training the students of the College on the latest techniques used in the field of archeology.