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Dean’s word

peoples and nations Take special attention for its history and its effects, as one of the basic components for the detection of evolution those nations and to highlight the evolution of civilization. Moreover longer effects today an important source of study and write history according to the assets properly. Mention what posed effects today of the importance of economic being the source of the development of the national income as a parent of the elements of tourism .
It is indeed unfortunate that the country emerged the first agricultural villages in the world and I knew the writing are nowhere the College of Archaeology until the year 2008!. While most universities thoughtful section or scientific institute for the study of Iraqi civilization known as (MESOPOTAMIA ).
It was the founding Faculty of Archaeology and Heritage for the academic year 2011-2012 in response to the need necessitated study civilization of Mesopotamia, in particular, and the heritage of the Arab and Islamic world in general style of academic pure and consistent and scientific developments accelerating globally, after years of absence in this area, and as a result of the foregoing, I took our college young this on the responsibility Calculate serious represented examine the effects of the civilization of our dear country through the opening (Department of ancient Archaeology of Iraqi) along with the Department of Arab and Islamic heritage and which we hope will contribute to the support and cooperation of the relevant authorities in the work of discover, and prepare professionals to work in archaeological sites and preparation academic studies, and thus support the reality of tourism, which were absent from Iraq for decades and reinvigorated monuments ravaged by ordinary age to the present day .
At a time when we have begun the road to study the civilization of Iraq unique study seems to us the other side of the objectives of the founding of our college, which emphasize the study of culture and heritage of the region, which lies within the University of Kufa geographical boundaries or what is known as the cultural triangle (Hera – Kufa – Najaf ).
We hope that this faculty take a leading role in giving scientific service to our past and our present, and as befits the aspirations of our future generations
Dr.Mohammed Jawad Fakhr ALdeen
The Dean