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The Director of the Diwan Affairs Department visits the college to provide the college’s needs

Assistant Dean for Administrative, Legal and Financial Affairs (College of Archeology – University of Kufa) Dr. Alaa Abdul Hassan Al-Silawi receives the Director of the Diwan Affairs Department, Mr. Hussam Al-Shibli, and the Director of the Agricultural Division, Dr. Mushtaq Talib, accompanied by a number of technical staff members. Afforestation …

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Our college, in cooperation with the General Authority of Antiquities, has started training students of the fourth stage in the spring break

The College of Archeology / University of Kufa always seeks to develop the skills of students in field work in the field of excavations according to the correct and developed scientific foundations. From this standpoint, the college sought to train students / the fourth stage during the spring break at …

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The visit of the Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs to the Faculty of Archeology

Dr. Mohsen Abboud Al-Abadi, Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs, inspected on Thursday, corresponding to 16/2/2023. He was received by the Assistant Dean for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Alaa Abdel-Hassan Al-Silawi, and Dr. Riyad Abu Saida. His Excellency listened to a detailed explanation of the progress of scientific work …

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The Assistant Dean participates in a panel discussion entitled (Youth Participation in the Electoral Process between Reality and Ambition)

Within the framework of cooperation between the University of Kufa / College of Archeology and civil society organizations, the Assistant Dean for Administrative, Financial and Legal Affairs, Dr. Which was called for by the Bawsala Foundation for Development and the Oma Foundation for Human Rights in cooperation with the El …

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