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The dean of our college participates in the third international Guarantor museum conference

The Dean of our College (Faculty of Archeology – University of Kufa) Dr. Alaa Hussein Jassim Al-Lami is a member and rapporteur of the scientific committee of the third International Guarantor Museum conference held by the Al-Kafeel Museum for Values ​​and Manuscripts under the auspices of the General Secretariat of …

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Our college (Faculty of Archeology – University of Kufa) announces the link for e-learning (the module system) through which the final exams will take place for the academic year (2019-2020), and the link is: ((https://elearning3.uokufa.edu.iq / arch /)).  

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The first international conference on the medical profession in cuneiform and Islamic blogs and their stages of development throughout the ages.

Under the supervision of  Dr Alaa Al-Lami, Jaber bin Hayyan University holds the first international scientific conference in cooperation with the University of Kufa / College of Archeology and the Decree (the medical profession in cuneiform and Islamic blogs and their stages of development through the ages), it will be …

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The Deanship, professors, and employees of the Faculty of the Archaeology / University of Kufa congratulate Dr Sattar Jabbar Ahmed Al-Obeidi (the lecturer at the Department of Ancient Iraqi Archaeology in our faculty) on the occasion of obtaining his Ph.D., we wish him good luck and success in the service …

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Our college participates in archaeological surveys of archaeological sites within the European Union project (WALADU ).

The archaeological survey process began under the supervision and follow-up by the dean of our faculty (Faculty of Archaeology – University of Kufa) Dr Alaa Al-Lami and with the participation of a number of professors and students of our Faculty on Saturday 22/2/2020 in cooperation with the Inspectorate of Archaeology …

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