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Department of Archaeology

Work to achieve the vision of a constant in the work of the division , to be sections of the effects of excellence in education, training and scientific research , the local and regional level , and the introduction of quality standards and accreditation for the development of the reality of the department and to seek new ways to improve the learning outcomes .
Advancement of studying the effects of the old Iraqi during the conduct theoretical and applied research .
Preparation of qualified specialists qualified scientifically and technically trained to work in the field of archeology , and related management such as tourism and archaeological museums … And comparison .
Develop the skills and abilities of the student scientific and coached Tmarenp assets scientific research -based thinking and criticism , analysis and comparison.
the expansion of empirical studies and field training as a mainstay in the science of archeology.
Prepare distinguished graduates can pursue higher studies and scientific research in the field of archeology .
to contribute to society and to strengthen the relationship between the department and the local community through the provision of advice and expertise and participate in public activities from the university’s role in community service.
Develop and update the scientific and academic curricula to keep pace with modern developments in this area .
community awareness of the importance of archeology and preservation .
Origin and Establishment
The department of of Archaeology , was  founded with the establishment of the Faculty of Archaeology and Heritage for the academic year 2011-2012 under the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, No. 3/4846 on 07.27.2011 AD . The number of students admitted to the (63).
Welcome From the Chief of Department
  The establishment of the Department of Archaeology ancient Iraqi civilization from the great sprawl that Iraq possessed or what is known (AQIM Mesopotamia) , where I grew up along the Mesopotamian civilization known to mankind ‘s greatest impact stretched to include other neighboring civilizations .
  In spite of the multiplicity of studies and research and archaeological discoveries enjoyed by Iraqi antiquities locally and globally , but it still needs further study , research and detection archaeological That Nama contribute section and through specialization in Iraqi antiquities influential role in studying the effects of Iraq’s academic study is based on scientific research and investigation and exploration . , as well as the other goals that Achttha section of his during the vision , objectives and mission and God bless

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