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Workshop (Artistic styles in country Al-Rafidain civilization during prehistoric times)

Organized by the faculty of archeology – university of Kufa on Tuesday corresponding to 2/5/2023 in the presence of the dean of our college, Dr. Alaa Hussein Al-Lami, in the presence of his assistants, teaching gentlemen and a number of students workshop (artistic methods in country Al-Rafidain civilization during prehistoric times). It was delivered by assistant lecturer Hassan Jassim Muhammad Al-Tedrisi in the department of ancient iraqi antiquities, where the importance of the arts of country Al-Rafidain lies in its originality, individuality and precedent, it presented many productions that were considered a prominent example of artistic creativity among the civilizations of the ancient world given the balance of methods and modalities in artistic productions, if the artistic styles varied styles varied in the countrie Al-Rafidain civilization during prehistoric times no matter how different their appearances are Its basis is abstraction and this means that the origins of art were abstract since its inception then other artistic styles appeared and the most common in the civilization of country Al-Rafidain was the expressionist style and the symbolic style, the realistic style, and the cubist style, and that these arts involved intellectual richness and creativity in seeing beauty, which makes them take a distinguished historical position.

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