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Our college holds a symposium on (legislative visions of the market economy)

In the presence of Dr. Alaa Hussein Al-Lami, Dean of our college, his assistants, and a number of gentlemen, teachers and students
And coinciding with the fragrant anniversary of the birth of the pious Imam, the Faculty of Archeology – University of Kufa held on 9/2/2023 a symposium on the legislative visions of the market economy. Dr. Dr. Riyad Abu Saida lectured at it.
(Davos Forum – Switzerland on 1/16/2023 follows the approach of the Commander of the Faithful Ali Ibn Abi Talib (peace be upon him) by returning the public funds that were distributed unjustly) and the symposium included a claim to reduce the accumulated wealth of the wealthy. The wealth of the rich is the sustenance of the poor, and the poor are hungry only for what the rich enjoyed.” Gabriela Boucher, Director General of Oxfam, who is attending the Davos Forum, stressed that taxing the very rich is the strategic condition for reducing inequality and reviving democracy. For innovation.For stronger public services.For happier, healthier societies.And for tackling the climate crisis, by investing in solutions that tackle the crazy emissions of the super-rich
At the end of the symposium, Dr. Riyad Abu Saida was honored with a certificate of appreciation from Dr. Alaa Al-Lami, Dean of the College

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