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Texts From Iraqi Museum

The paper presents the research a study of five texts from the Iraqi Museum (confiscation) and included the verb “receive” (šu-ba-ti/ maḫāru). On the other hand, represents a less intensive form of take, more along the lines of receive, get, accept, and one that depends on context, on how the speaker or writer perceives the event.
This texts it back to Ur III Dynasty (2112- 2004 BC), and dated during kings dAmar- dSu’en, dŠu- Su’en, and dIbbi- Su’en. These texts contained different materials: lard, brick salt, medicinal plant, spice, a type of groats, and barley.
Keywords: Cuneiform Texts, Ur III Dynasty, Receive, Sumerian Language, Akkadian Language.

Research prepared by: M. Hassan Mahdi Hammoudi
The research was published in: Journal of Arts/College of Arts/University of Baghdad/Issue 139/year 2021

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