* Mr. Dean participates in the meeting of the Committee of Deans of sectoral archaeological disciplines

Participated Mr. Dean of the College Prof. Dr. Tahir Yusuf Wa'ili at a meeting of the Committee of Deans of sectoral disciplines archaeological held in Rehab University of Mosul on Sunday and Monday April 7 to 8, 2013 . Which included the deans of the kyat effects Universities Mosul and Samarra, in addition to our college . And has hosted a meeting of heads of departments at the universities of Antiquities ( Qadisiyah, Babylon ) , as well as heads of departments in the faculties of scientific archeology .

* Scientific Symposium of the second section of the Arab and Islamic heritage .

Section convened Arab and Islamic heritage first scientific symposium for the academic year 2012 - 2013 and this Wednesday, April 10, 2013 . The seminar was entitled Evolution line of the Koran through the ages and included historical research addressed the types of calligraphy which was written by the Koran to the present time .

* Organize an exhibition of the collection of archaeological and heritage.

Our college and organized in collaboration with the Institute of Harp Holdings archaeological and heritage exhibition of these acquisitions and on the sidelines of the first scientific symposium hosted by the Department of Arab and Islamic heritage on Wednesday, April 10, 2013 and attended by many of the teachers and students of the college.

 * Co- teacher in the Department of Archaeology , Dr. entisar.najy. AbAlwan al-Zanki in scientific conference held by the Faculty of Education, University of Maysan, in collaboration with the Faculty of Arts, University of Tikrit under the title (date look to the past for a better future ) for a period of 29-30 / April / 2013.

* Participated assistant professor Dr Razak Hussein Kurdish Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the training program for the planning and monitoring of environmental pollution for the period from ( 08/25/2012 until 29/08/2012 ), which was held in Lebanon , was awarded a certificate of merit from the University of Virginia certified international / Latino The international accreditation Organization IAO and the London Centre for Training Excellence

*Exhibition of archaeological Photos


Under the slogan (relics great people address) and sponsored by the Assistant Rector Dr. Mahdi Sahlawi set up our college on Monday 23/03/2015 and cooperation with the Iraqi Student Foundation exhibition of pictures of Iraqi antiquities throughout the ages have been many of these pictures show.

*Our college hosts a professor Dr. Gerardine Shatalard

Hosted our college on Wednesday morning 10.28.2015 Prof. Dr. (Gerardeen Shatalard) UNESCO and the World Organization expert (France), which gave a lecture on the (protection and preservation of monuments and heritage buildings) At the conclusion of the lecture, Mr. Dean presented a certificate of appreciation on behalf of the Dean of the college to Mr. Dr. (Gerardeen Shatalard) in recognition of its efforts in support of efforts to preserve the heritage of Iraq.


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