1- Within the framework of Instructions No. ( 160 ) for the year 2009, a cooperation mechanism formations and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research with the ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry has been approached General Authority for Antiquities / Inspectorate effects of Najaf for the purpose of signing a joint venture to exploit one of the archaeological sites in the holy city of Najaf for the purpose of field training for college students .

2- Approved Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities under her memordum  No. 2745 in 18/7/2012 AD amount to us under Book presidency of our university No. DG / 26016 on 4/9/2012 AD on the memordum of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / device supervision and True scientific / Department of Educational Supervision No. JT / 15/08/2012 m in 4653 to involve students in third and fourth year of college effects in Iraqi universities with missions of exploration and maintenance of the Iraqi Ministry of Tourism

3- in the framework of cooperation with state institutions and non-related to the Ministry and civil society organizations began our college since its inception to a closer relationship with these institutions and in this regard are as follows ..

4- cooperation with the Secretariat of the holy mosque of Kufa was to provide students with versions Secretariat publications periodic contrast provided the college what it issued from research and studies related to the region.

A-  held a festival in my hair24 /11 / 2014 on the occasion of Ashura in conjunction with a large group of poets from various provinces as well as coordination with the secretariat of the Kufa mosque to commemorate the occasion annually.

B-  was agreed to organize a college scientific periodical visits for students to see the historical monuments of the holy mosque of Kufa and the Palace of the emirate, has been achieved in this regard visits.

C-  has been setup and configuration to set up a gallery archaeological images of the College in cooperation with the Iraqi Student Foundation a civil society organization, and ensures the exhibition 75 image effects and ancient Islamic Iraq, the purpose of identification and access for the Iraqi effects.

D-  has been coordinating with Qaimqamip spend Kufa sacred to establish farming campaign will start with the first day of spring in the 21 / March / 2015 as well as the coordination of the clean-up campaign carried out by college students in one religious sites

5- Signed our college on Wednesday 14/10/2015 a memorandum of cooperation with the German Institute of Archaeology The agreement was signed by the representative of the German side, Prof. Marketa the feed Associate Scientific Director of the Institute and Prof. Dr. Tahir Yousef al-Waeli dean of the faculty, and the presence of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Assistant Prof. Dr. Abdul Sattar Scheinin Al-Janabi, and Prof. Dr. Razak Kurdi Hussein, Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs, for his part, Mr. Dean to explain that this agreement is a very advanced step in the way of improving the scientific and research reality in college as it included clauses providing support by the German side with regard to the deployment of joint research and practical training, as well as College assist in exploration, which will start by the College in archaeological sites in the holy city of Kufa after the completion of approvals General Authority for Antiquities on it


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