Tasks and  Duties:

  1. Registration of students admitted according to the mechanism of acceptance , according to the central registration mechanism adopted.
  2. Distribution of students on academic departments according to their desires and grades in the exam Ministerial .
  3. Organize binders for college students , and follow-up , and check the certificates and documents and confirm issuance.
  4. to refer students to the Student Health Center for treatment .
  5. To provide students with books entitled to support internal departments , and departments and official institutions continuing to study because they are different . , As well as providing them with Bhobh student .
  6. issuing administrative orders for students and repeaters hereafter absence and disciplinary sanctions and punctuation limitation after obtaining the approvals to do so.
  7. promote transactions transportation to and from the college in accordance with the regulations and instructions.
  8. issuing endorsements graduates and answer about the health of their issuance .
  9. the issuance of documents and graduate degrees in Arabic and English .
  10. completion statistics and answer all the books about the incoming Student Affairs .
  11. follow the instructions and guidelines issued by the ministry and the presidency of the university .
  12. follow the curriculum for students in academic departments and in all its stages
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