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The college council held its third meeting

The council of the Faculty of Archeology / University of Kufa held its regular (third) session at ten o’clock on Thursday, 18/12/2018 under the chairmanship of Dr. Mohammed Javad Fakhruddin and in the presence of his assistants Dr.Ala Hussein Jassim, M.Nashat Ali Omran and in the presence of the members …

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the College hosted the lecturer Dr. (Haidar Abdel Wahed) at the college of Arts – University of Babylon to present a lecture to the students of the College

In the scientific activity of the Department of Ancient Iraqi Antiquities in the College of Archeology – University of Kufa Dr. Haider Abdul Wahed presented a scientific lecture entitled (Composition of the archaeological hill and definition of archaeological layers) on Monday,3.12.2018, and included the definition of the archaeological hill is …

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