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Within the activities of the first cultural week of the Faculty of Archeology / University of Kufa, the Department of Islamic Archaeology organized a cultural competition for public information.

Islamic Antiquities Department organized a cultural contest of public information on the gardens between the different phases of our college students to the Department of Islamic Antiquities on Tuesday, 16 / 4/2019 The students competed with each other to answer questions and both teams get the result of the equality.

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Students of the old Iraqi antiquities department launch a voluntary campaign entitled (dearest homeland).

The students of the Department of Ancient Iraqi Antiquities under the supervision of the head of the Department of Ancient Iraqi Antiquities Dr. Fatima Al-Mamouri organized a voluntary campaign entitled “the Dearest homeland”. The campaign included cleaning the classrooms and the outer corridors of the college. It is worth mentioning …

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An electronic exam for the old language subject.

The Faculty of Archeology / University of Kufa  held an electronic examination of the old language of the fourth stage, the Department of Ancient Iraqi Archeology within the second semester, in the presence of Professor Fatima Al-Mamouri and under the supervision of Mr. Abbas Taha ,Director of the E-learning environment …

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