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Training a number of students of the Faculty of the Archaeology University of Kufa on classification and drawing of pottery by the European Union mission within the program of WALADU.

Our Faculty has started sending its dear students in the form of groups to the residence of the European Union Mission in the guesthouse at the University of Kufa for the purpose of training college students in the classification and drawing of pottery within an agreed plan within the program …

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meeting of the members of the Preparatory Committee for the International Scientific Conference first (the medical profession in blogs cuneiform and Islamic stages of development through the ages).

The preparatory committee was held for the first international scientific conference (the profession of medicine in cuneiform and Islamic blogs and their development stages throughout the ages) for the Jaber bin Hayyan Medical University in cooperation with our faculty .and it scheduled to be held in March in this year …

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Volunteer work.

Within the series of volunteer works of the Faculty of Archeology, University of Kufa, Dr. Hussein Al-Enezi the head of the Department of Ancient Iraqi Antiquities and in cooperation with the electronic archiving official Mr. Hassan Jassim and Mr. Taleb Odeh The services administrator to buy paints to rehabilitate classrooms …

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