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The Deanship of the College congratulates Dr. Mona Abdul Karim Hussein on the occasion of her new title of “Assistant Professor”

Dean of the Faculty of Archeology, University of Kufa, congratulates Dr. Mona Abdulkarim Al-Qaisi, lecturer in the Department of Antiquities of Iraq on the occasion of her new title of “Assistant Professor” under administrative order (922) in (25/4/2018) ) On (11/4/2018), wishing her success and success to complete her scientific …

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Honor plaque for the academic year 2017-2018

As part of the initiative to honor the creators, our faculty (Faculty of Archeology – University of Kufa) has developed a plaque of honor and is updated annually. The distinguished students of this year were Huda Wahid Rashid, the student affairs department, as well as the first outstanding students: Hadir …

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Our college conducts electronic examinations

On Sunday, 14/1/2018, our college held the first course exam for Arab Urban Planning for the fourth stage of the Iraqi Antiquities Department. It was conducted electronically through the e-learning environment of our college. The exam took place in the internet center hall in our college under the supervision of …

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