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Workshop in E-Learning System (Moodle).

The Faculty of Archeology / University of Kufa on Monday, 15/4/2019 held a workshop on the evaluation of the Ibn Sina Center for teaching staff in the electronic learning system (Moodle) ,where the workshop dealt with clarifying the paragraphs of evaluation  annual, including video lectures and electronic tests Grades and …

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The participation of Dr. Amal Hasnawi in the international scientific conference held by Cairo University.

Dr. Amal Al-Hasnawi, Head of the Department of Islamic Archeology, participated in the International Scientific Conference held by the Faculty of Arts / Cairo University in cooperation with the Faculty of Basic Education / Babel University under the title of “Scientific Research and Inter-Research” for the period 31 / 1-3 …

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Students of the old Iraqi antiquities department launch a voluntary campaign entitled (dearest homeland).

The students of the Department of Ancient Iraqi Antiquities under the supervision of the head of the Department of Ancient Iraqi Antiquities Dr. Fatima Al-Mamouri organized a voluntary campaign entitled “the Dearest homeland”. The campaign included cleaning the classrooms and the outer corridors of the college. It is worth mentioning …

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