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Council of the Faculty of Archeology held its ordinary session (sixth).

The Council of the Faculty of Archeology / University of Kufa held its ordinary session at 10:00 on Tuesday, 2/4/2019 under the chairmanship of the Dean of the Council Dr. Mohammed Fakhruddin and in the presence of his assistants Dr. Alaa Jassim and D. Nishat Imran. The Council discussed the issues on its agenda the most important of which were the Second International Conference of the University of Kufa on the Antiquities and Heritage of Iraq for the period 28-29 / 4/2019, and the Cultural Week of the Faculty of Archeology in celebration of the year 1440 H. ) From 14-18 / 4/2019 and the emphasis on follow-up students and  their commitment to formal attendance and follow-up to the needs of students in the internal sections.

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