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Workshop entitled (the right of the mad between Sharia and law).

The Department of Islamic Archeology at the Faculty of Archeology / University of Kufa on Sunday, 17/3/2019 under the supervision of Dr. Haider Attia organized a workshop entitled (The right of the mad between Sharia and law) dealt with the position of Sharia and human rights laws from the mad as a social individual has the right to provide an environment and hospitals to help him to overcome his socially perceived state as an anomaly by losing his mental abilities. The workshop dealt with a number of strange social phenomena in the world of madness, including the lack of a culture of interest in the Special humanitarian statuses and dealing with them through from a cultural heritage in which there is much cruelty and disrespect. It should be noted to what wrote the thinker Michel Foucault about the history of madness was the motivation to open private institutions to take care of the crazy humans, and that what must we have.

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