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The Logo of the Iraqi state in the royal era

    The Logo consists of an almost square curtain with a footnote and an Iraqi crown. The drawings in the curtain There is a circle in the middle of the curtain with a golden frame around it. The white top is divided by the kufic script. (1339), which is the date of the reign of King Faisal I, the throne of Iraq and on both sides of the frame between the two books inscriptions Arabic gilded yellow color and the surface of the circle divided into two unequal section of the largest section lower drawing of the land in yellow color and the small section of the highest drawing of the sky in light blue and between The two sections of the mountain range are white and on A mountain in the left side is a three-pointed box symbol to the oil wells. Two rivers diverge from the dividing line. Two rivers symbolize the Tigris and the Euphrates and meet at the bottom of the circle, symbolizing the Shatt al-Arab and intersecting at the junction of the two rivers. In the center of the smaller section are four palms whose green leaves cover a large section of blue. Second out of the circle on the right side is Jawad Arabi and on the left side is a Babylonian lion, each standing on a manly and supporting the circle with a hand. Thirdly there is between the circle and the folded section of the curtain Constan with seven people and the color of the circle of each of the planets black surrounded by a white frame and the color of the people red and among the people decorated green and these colors represent the Iraqi flag and the planets symbolize the godfather and the Kurds. Fourth is the circle between the circle and bottom of the curtain with a cotton branch and crossbred saplings. The branch has ten flowers. Four of them are open and the tie is composed of seven ears. The Iraqi crown is based on the opening of the upper curtain.
Dr. Alaa Hussain Jassim

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