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Museum of AL- Kafeel at the Abbasid threshold

The jewel of civilization on which the originality of nations is measured. Iraq is one of the nations with a cultural heritage that extends to thousands of years in various fields of art and architecture. The best example of this is the holy thresholds, with its historical extension of the urban art, as well as precious treasures, treasures, manuscripts and manuscripts.
      In the interest of the General Secretariat of the Abbasid threshold, headed by Mr. Ahmed Al-Safi (Dama), the documentation of the cultural heritage owned by the threshold has sought to establish a museum that suits this immortal heritage and has harnessed all its possibilities to show this museum in the most beautiful and beautiful image.
      And antiques found in the vaults of the precious threshold needed to have academic expertise to maintain them so I contacted the threshold of the General Authority for Antiquities and Heritage to lend a hand and began cooperation in the seventh month of 2008.
       We have spared no effort to go out to a museum that includes assets of antiques and gifts that are similar to the museums of the developed countries in the Arab region and will be reflected in the future level of international museums, in the belief of the museum’s role in activating many aspects of intellectual, social and economic life.
The museum’s work has witnessed the opening of the museum since its opening. The first was the inventory and identification of monuments and their historical and artistic value. The idea of ​​the museum was crystallized to highlight a few of the threshold’s assets. The first museum of valuables and manuscripts in the history of the holy shrines opened its doors to visitors.
The second stage involved the development of a sophisticated cadre and a world-wide management of this museum, which has grown up to have intellectual and economic returns that contribute to the development of the largest national wealth: tourism.
This museum comes as a catalyst for all, especially officials in the new State of Iraq to move to help build a museum comparable to the world’s museums, this huge number of treasures and monuments to see the light flashes a new page in the history of our nation and our civilization read
 Dr.. Alaa Hussain Jassim

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