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Seminar entitled (Summary of factors affecting urban planning)

Within the scientific activity of the Department of Islamic Archeology in our college, In a paper entitled “Summary of Factors Affecting Urban Planning”, in his research, he pointed to an important point: It is difficult to study the urban transformations in the Islamic cities without looking at their past before Islam and its present time. It is also difficult Consider the urban transformations of the Islamic cities in general without deepening the local conditions that affected each city separately, whether it originated as extensions to the cities that existed before Islam or what arose after Islam as human gatherings set up by governors and rulers as administrative capitals or military settlements such as Basra (14 AH – 653 AH) or AL Kufa (17 AH – 639 AH) or Fustat (21 e – 641 e) and Kairouan (48 e – 670 e) and other cities.

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